Workshops & Training Sessions


Workshops and Training Sessions offer fresh thinking and action steps you can implement now.


Workshops and training sessions are an efficient and effective way to quickly shift perceptions and solve challenges. Our dynamic sessions blend right brain and left brain thinking to encourage participants across all levels of organizations to be bold in their aspirations and challenge conventional wisdom.


Using proven frameworks developed over more than 25 years of experience, we consistently deliver realistic, bespoke outcomes alongside visionary thinking. To ensure all ideas identified and developed during a session are viable, we filter ideas through the unique context in which you work — including practical business issues and processes, people management, cultural quirks and operational challenges.


Choose from a range of programs below or reach out with a brief highlighting your goals for a bespoke session.


Each session can be standalone, combined with others, and/or part of a consulting program…. Regardless of the program, workshops and training sessions are pragmatic, emphasizing action over theory — and always relating back to your business realities. Confidently expect more than the usual “creative” sessions and be prepared to work hard!


Reach out to learn more or schedule a session.

Session Programs

Walk the talk – Align culture with purpose: Identify the cultural DNA to align brand development, employee engagement and day-to-day activities with purpose. Innovate programs across the Me-to-We continuum to transform culture and enhance your value proposition for employees, customers and other stakeholders. Learn more….

Walk the talk – Systems Mapping to embed sustainability in brand development: Systems mapping is a living hypothesis of relationships/interdependencies and feedback loops, actors and trends. It develops a collective understanding of the larger system in which your brand operates, pressure points that are material and opportunities for innovation, impact and multi-stakeholder collaboration. Reach out to learn more.

Turn purpose into an impactful social mission: An effective social mission creates positive change in the world, enhances ROI in CSR, sustainability and philanthropy investments and inspires employees. Learn more….

Purpose as an organizing principle that enhances growth: A strategic, credible and unifying purpose rooted in your business proposition and a systems perspective cultivates confidence in what you stand for, fosters trust, enhances growth and connects you to something bigger. Learn more….

Employee Well-Being from Collective Meaning: Reimagining sustainable business and the future of work starts with recognizing the unique and holistic needs of every individual on the team – and the unique value they bring to the whole. Learn more….

Empower employees through purpose and Brand Citizenship: Embedding purpose across the ME-to-WE continuum of Brand Citizenship empowers shared ownership, creates responsibility for activation and success and fosters deeper belonging and personal meaning. Learn more….

Personal purpose for fulfillment at work: A deep dive into personal purpose and the role work plays in our lives helps to energize and excite each of us in our daily routines, and safely bring more of our best selves into the workplace. Learn more….