Activating Purpose

Purpose, social mission, impact

Place purpose at the heart of your organization and operations to add meaning and value where it matters most.

  • Clarify purpose
  • Craft your purpose narrative
  • Define your social mission & impact
  • Develop programs, campaigns & collective action across the Me-to-We continuum
  • Communicate and engage people in your purpose
  • Align your behaviors with purpose

Brand Strategy & Development

brand strategy

Integrate brand strategy and your value proposition with purpose. Connect more meaningfully with audiences.

  • Identify your core brand idea
  • Develop your brand platform, personality, operating principles and positioning
  • Create your brand story and messaging
  • Establish brand architecture and portfolio strategy
  • Align your brand experience with purpose across the Me-to-We continuum
  • Measure brand equity and performance

Engagement & Cultural Transformation

brand strategy

Leverage your brand to engage employees, customers and other stakeholders. Cultivate shared purpose and collective meaning.

Work(shop) It!

workshop itReframe your perspective and walk out with fresh thinking and action steps you can begin implementing tomorrow. Choose from a range of programs or create your own.

One-on-One Advising

Connect with your purpose and derive meaning and well-being from work. Learn to tap into and access the support you need to fully be your authentic self. Reach out to have an exploratory conversation.