Personal purpose for fulfillment at work*

A deep dive into personal purpose and the role work plays in our lives helps to energize and excite each of us in our daily routines, and safely bring more of our best selves into the workplace.

While companies are busy finding ways to empower employees through purpose, it’s equally important employees explore and identify what really matters to them. Today, many of us are still recovering from the shock of the global pandemic and the way it transformed our daily lives. When we’re in shock our natural instinct is to protect ourselves—a challenge considering the spotlight Zoom has placed on our personal and home lives. While employers now are expected to integrate well-being and a healthy work life into workplaces, it’s difficult to cultivate an authentic culture when everyone is wearing protective identities. Knowing your personal purpose and feeling comfortable integrating your personality, values and passions into your professional life is an essential element to feeling more connected and fulfilled at work.

Your personal purpose should be as holistic as you are as a person. It’s an enduring long-term, 360-degree ambition. Yet, how you live and communicate it evolves over time. Identifying your purpose ultimately helps you to feel more confident and embrace your personal power at work every day.

Personal purpose sits at the intersection of the things that energize you + the value you add + your desired outcomes. Reflecting on these three areas guides you to trace the pathway you’ve been on from a new perspective. And gain a fresh and meaningful understanding of how your job aligns with your purpose and how you can live it every day. All with the ultimate goal of achieving your ambitions and living your life as fully as you envision it.

Workshop objectives:

  • Take stock. Review priorities. Identify your definition of fulfillment, your professional gifts and your personal needs and passions
  • Clarify your personal purpose and how it intersects or aligns with your work life
  • Embrace your personal power

Workshop outcomes:

  • Walk out of the session informed, inspired and empowered
  • Understand how your personal purpose intersects and or aligns with your company’s larger reason for being, mission and social impact
  • Communicate your purpose and power with confidence regardless of environment
  • Use your new personal power to explore opportunities that accommodate your life

*PLEASE NOTE: This workshop can be done for a group or one-on-one. Personal coaching on identifying and aligning with your purpose is also available.