Leadership Strategy Facilitation


Effective strategy sessions accelerate change by cultivating dialogue, aligning perspectives, co-creating solutions and fostering shared commitment to purpose, positive impact and outcomes.


Too often leadership strategy sessions are viewed as an ineffectual use of time – restrained by hidden agendas, team dynamics and tedious exercises that avoid addressing the main issues. Respect and honesty are essential for ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard – and understood.


With more than 25 years of experience facilitating executive, board and senior management working sessions, Anne is skilled at directing difficult conversations and positively challenging leadership. She expertly facilitates the dialogue needed to broaden perspectives, cultivate shared vision and accelerate change.


To identify the potential red flags that may prevent working sessions from being productive, Anne assesses team dynamics, cultural quirks and practical business issues in advance of the session. Sessions blend strategic insight with stimulating exercises and pragmatic engagement to help alleviate any potential tensions and disagreements that may arise. And are designed with half, full and two-day time frames in mind – or can be delivered virtually as two to three hour segments over the course of one or two months. Regardless of the time frame, expect more than the usual “leadership” and “strategic planning” workshops and come prepared to roll up your sleeves.


Connect with Anne to discuss your objectives and design your own bespoke session.