Empower employees through purpose and Brand Citizenship

Embedding purpose across the ME2WE continuum of Brand Citizenship empowers shared ownership, creates responsibility for activation and success and fosters deeper belonging and personal meaning.

Seeking a sense of community and opportunities for self-expression and personal growth at work are not new. Before the global pandemic, the force to create meaning at work had grown so powerful that a new and growing industry of companies, coaches, products and services had developed to cultivate community and prioritize purpose in people’s lives. With lockdown and working from home, a bright spotlight was shined on mindfulness and well-being. As people began to re-evaluate who and what is important to them in life, they sought to balance financial gain with well-being. And the Great Resignation, Great Reshuffle or whatever you’ve labeled it was set into motion. Today, company culture has risen to the top of the Human Resource’s agenda and CEO concerns as never before.

A powerful culture begins with a strong purpose, and even more so through cultivating mutual respect and trust, acknowledging the things that inspire and engage individual employees, and fostering an atmosphere of belongingness for everyone. Meaningful employee engagement doesn’t come from coordinating more brown bag lunches, off-sites, intranets or even volunteer days – although these activities absolutely may help. Fulfillment at work comes from feeling esteemed and nourished and from being united with colleagues through a shared sense of value creation.

Workshop objectives:

  • Verify your purpose and core business are working in concert; apply as a filter for your story, operating principles, policies and behavior
  • Identify a new cultural narrative for success that welcomes, unites and foster belongingness
  • Infuse purpose with meaning that compels employees to join, fostering a spirit of social responsibility, community and contribution alongside engagement and fulfillment

Workshop outcomes:

  • An understanding of me, us and we that will nourish employees’ imaginations, cultivate their passions and inspire them to engage sincerely
  • Insight into each participants’ individual purpose orientation at work
  • Narrative for innovation, greater personal fulfillment and continuous growth
  • Activities to engage employees in purpose in ways that are more personally fulfilling and next steps to begin taking action now
  • First 100 Days Pledge card and follow up email