Employee Well-Being from Collective Meaning


A collaborative workshop to help your employees rediscover the meaning of their work in their own lives and the critical part they play in the success of your organization as whole.


Workshop details: Employee Well-Being from Collective Meaning and Well-Being from Collective Meaning for Women

The responsibilities, risks and operational shifts leaders must adapt to today will continue to increase the pressure on every individual across your organization. Reimagining sustainable business and the future of work starts with recognizing the unique and holistic needs of every individual on the team – and the unique value they bring to the whole.

Employee expectations have shifted—people want and need their work to be a source of meaning in their lives.

But meaning is not one-size-fits-all.

And a company purpose statement is not enough to rally teams for operational success without every individual seeing themselves in that shared intention.

Helping every individual on the team achieve a sense of well-being despite the stressors of today’s world is the new business imperative.

When we recognize the unique value of every employee’s contribution to the greater whole, we reinforce a sense of individual and collective meaning.

The health of your organization’s future is dependent on how each employee derives meaning and well-being from the work they’re doing today.

Fostering resilience in every individual develops sustainable collective well-being across your business.

When your people see meaning for themselves, they’re more motivated to weather unforeseen but certain challenges.

Engage your employees and create long-lasting cultural value and loyalty by uncovering the deeper meaning of each employee’s sense of well-being (Me).


Honor each individual’s unique narrative by mapping their sense of meaning into an integrated ecosystem of what doing good means collectively as an organization and when aligned with your organization’s purpose for all stakeholders in and outside the company (We).


Stay current with your team’s social values by tracking accountability in delivering against the collectively-defined meaning of employee wellbeing.

Co-created and co-presented with Laura Nespoli, Meshin Movement. Connect with me here to learn more and schedule a session.


Anne Bahr Thompson in Central ParkLaura Nespoli, Meshin Movement