Do Good

DO GOOD - Embracing Brand Citizenship

A timely blueprint for building a strong brand with social impact at the core

“Do Good offers a timely blueprint for building a strong brand with social impact at the core, as customer and employee expectations for the role business plays in society continue to increase.”
Andy Polansky, Chief Executive Officer, Weber Shandwick Worldwide

A new lens on the challenge of stewarding brands

“Anne Bahr Thompson’s five-step Brand Citizenship model offers a new lens on the challenge of stewarding brands in an era of change and increasing complexity for brand owners.”
David Bickerton, Director of Communications, BP plc

Required reading for leaders meeting today’s business challenges head-on

“Anne’s book underscores what we experience each day as we work with the CEOs and companies in our coalition, and what the research has shown: that understanding and meeting significant stakeholder needs is critical for companies to prepare for 2020. Do Good is required reading for leaders who want to meet today’s business challenges head-on.”
Daryl Brewster, CEO, CECP: The CEO Force for Good

Incorporate a social mission into your brand, without sacrificing profits

“…for any company seeking to incorporate a social mission into their brand, without sacrificing profits. Anne Bahr Thompson’s model of Brand Citizenship offers compelling advice and creative, yet practical, ways to connect with all stakeholders.”
– Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab, the nonprofit behind the B Corp movement

A compelling read for everyone in business

“With her remarkable background and decades of experience, Anne Bahr Thompson has succeeded in joining profitability with purpose (a long-sought synchronization seldom achieved today) and crafted an exceptional framework for businesses to attain Brand Citizenship—which virtually guarantees a business success. A compelling read for everyone in business, I heartily endorse Do Good.”
Archie Carroll, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia; senior coauthor of Business and Society: Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management, 10th Edition

Essential reading to unlock value and earn an extraordinary and irreplaceable role in people’s lives

“Do Good is engaging, insightful, convincing, and useful. In a world where consumers, employees, and shareholders demand more from the brands they engage with, this book—and the unique Brand Citizenship model Thompson proposes within it—is essential reading for any business leader looking to unlock value and help their organization earn an extraordinary and irreplaceable role in people’s lives.”
Kevin Jasmin, Director of Corporate Brand Strategy, TD Ameritrade

Staying relevant in a polycrisis world is tough. Fixating on quarterly results can blind you to the bigger picture: that achieving greater value, better service, better ethics, better focus on sustainability and social good are the real, proven measures of long-term success. It’s these qualities that attract people to a brand, build trust and cement commitment—the one sure path to profitability.

Packed with dozens of examples and grounded in data from years of original research with thousands of consumers, Do Good is a call to action. It lays out the new rules of business, and how to win with them. Anne Bahr Thompson’s unique five-step Me-to-We continuum of Brand Citizenship® will help every company cultivate the qualities that customers, employees and investors all now demand.