Brand Citizenship 2.0



Actionable change based on award-winning research: Circular Brand Citizenship is a blueprint for success.


Brand Citizenship® provides a roadmap for credibly connecting with purpose and navigating the increasingly complex social context for business. It unites historically siloed departments, increasing return on investment, impact and, thereby, effectiveness of sustainability initiatives, DEI efforts, brand activism and other “doing good” programs.


The original 5-step ME-to-We continuum emerged unsolicited from the grassroots up, through research with more than 6000 people. Beginning in 2011, people expressed the belief that companies were better equipped than governments to address and solve problems – from their personal ordinary needs of daily living to the big issues of our age.

With the global pandemic and calls for equity and social justice, the Brand Citizenship model has evolved to be circular. Today, Responsibility, Community and Contribution are essential factors for cultivating Trust and Enrichment among customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.