Brand Citizenship 2.0



Actionable change based on award-winning research: Brand Citizenship 2.0 provides a blueprint for success through enhancing trust and amplifying impact.


In our new world of and/also, business must evolve to be a partner advocating for the things customers, employees and other stakeholders care about. Thereby creating mutual benefit and exponential growth for everyone.


brand \ˈbrand \ noun – the human face of a business or product
with which we form a relationship


citizenship \ˈsi-tə-zən-ˌship \ noun – the qualities that a person is expected
to have as an active participant in society
and responsible member of a community


Brand Citizenship® provides a roadmap to help brands credibly connect with purpose and navigate the increasingly complex social context for business. It’s five-step Me-to-We continuum beneficially works to unite historically siloed departments, increasing return on investment, impact and, thereby, effectiveness of sustainability initiatives, DEI efforts, brand activism and other “doing good” programs.


Brand Citizenship wasn’t something I set out to create…. The model began with a nascent finding in trend research and evolved from the grassroots up — coming into view through quantitative studies and qualitative exploratory with more than 6000 people and through data modeling. Beginning in 2011, people expressed the belief that companies were better equipped than governments to address and solve problems — from their personal ordinary needs of daily living to the big issues of our age.

As the global pandemic and calls for equity and social justice progressed, I uncovered that circularity had become inherent to Brand Citizenship: Responsibility, Community and Contribution are essential factors for cultivating Trust and Enrichment among customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders. Reflecting this evolution, Brand Citizenship 2.0 embodies the virtuous circle of business that I write about in Do Good, embracing the conviction that individuals (ME) benefit when business respectfully stewards society and the environment (WE) alongside delivering a profit.


Brand Citizenship 2.0

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