Walk the talk: Align culture and activities with purpose

Identify the cultural DNA to align brand development, employee engagement and day-to-day activities with purpose. Innovate programs across the Me-to-We continuum to transform culture and enhance your value proposition for employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, a spotlight was shining on organizational culture, and well-known brands were making headlines for not walking their talk. Great culture begins with aligning values and operating principles with the purpose and goals of an organization. By integrating siloed departments and embedding a sustainability mindset across the business. It’s an ongoing priority, not a check-the-box exercise or stand-alone initiative. And when intentionally managed, organizational culture fosters trust, enriches relationships, motivates responsible behavior, cultivates belonging and contributes to positive social impact.

A powerful cultural DNA sets the tone for transforming employee attitudes, operational behaviors and brand development. Every organization has a unique history alongside its goals for the future, and both must be acknowledged to effectively align culture, live purpose and develop an ethos of citizenship. Using our leverage/transform/instill evaluation framework we guide participants to assess existing sources of credibility and areas for improvement to define the most compelling and unifying cultural DNA.

  • Leverage: We examine the heritage of the organization and key success factors, explore the impact of culture and individual personalities and uncover the unique quirks and nuances that should be leveraged to sincerely live purpose.
  • Transform: We discuss the official and unofficial behaviors that are valued and rewarded, marketing activity and operational policies to identify how the existing culture is potentially preventing the organization from living its purpose.
  • Instill: We establish how social, cultural and industry related trends will affect relationships to identify an authentic yet future-focused DNA that inspires employees to behave responsibly while capitalizing on new opportunities.

Workshop objectives:

  • Identify the positive and negative aspects of your current corporate DNA
  • Determine which elements best enable your organization to live your purpose and adapt to current and future challenges, and define which need to shift
  • Identify initiatives and programs to migrate culture so it creates a shared sense of identity and positively influences employees’ and other key stakeholders’ beliefs, thinking and behaviors

Workshop outcomes:

  • A clear understanding of the current culture, its strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification of the qualities that need to shift and those that need to be infused to align culture with your brand and purpose
  • Roadmap of activities and initiatives to shift culture and next steps to begin taking action now
  • Designate champions for priority activities
  • First 100 Days Pledge card and follow up email