The other day, I surprised myself…. I was working with a client discussing 2023 resolutions, and for the very first time I noticed the word resolutions broke into two parts: RE + SOLUTIONS.

And….wow! That put the concept of New Year’s resolutions into a new light for me.

I’ve never been that big on New Year’s resolutions. Likely because I reflect and consider what I can do differently – and how I can become a better version of myself – continuously. Yet as I reframe resolutions as a means of beginning again and resolving or RE-SOLVING challenges, the idea of stepping into the New Year with a new vision of what we can create – and how we can do more good en route to living purpose by becoming our best selves – has a greater appeal for me. And nestles in nicely with the work I’ve been doing with my clients – and myself.

So as 2022 turns into 2023, whether or not you’re big on New Year’s resolutions, set some time aside to think about what are you proud of?
And what lessons did you allow yourself to learn over the past 12 months?
Did you set your ego to the side and listen to your heart to reconcile conflicts and paradoxes – and open yourself to learning more?

Importantly, are you still resolving the same challenges as you were last year – and even possibly the year before?
And if so, have you considered how you’ve been conditioned and who/what may be conditioning you?
Have you allowed yourself a moment or two to remove some of the masks from conditioning to truly be yourself – judgements and all?

Conditioning gets in the way of our creative power to find solutions. And acknowledging this enables us to see our biases and blocks enabling us to imagine more.

With so much from our conditioning – in terms of both ourselves and business – centering us on doing no harm, we often neglect to consider how we can do more good and make things better.

With a reframed orientation, we can RE-SOLVE the challenges we face – and thereby heal ourselves, our relationships, our communities, business and the planet. So let’s begin the new year, RE-SOLUTIONING….

Here’s to envisioning and creating a more just, peaceful and equitable and regenerative 2023 together!